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Grafting loquat (mesmulo) onto quince (cydonia)

Tuesday 23 April 2013

The Final Transfer of Assets from Barbados to Bevis Marks, London

On 6 May 1869, only 8 contributing members of the Kaal ( the congregation) remained resident on the Island ( This is not saying there were only eight Jews on the Island - there were more, but they were not members of the Kaal)

These remaining eight were:

Michael Berber Isaacs
Joshua Levi
Solomon Berber Isaaca
Jacob Lindo
Benjamin Lobo
Daniel Lobo
Benjamin Cohen d' Azevedo
Edward S Daniels

The Legislature of Barbados allowed that six trustees be appointed, empowered to convey the property to the London Congregation (Bevis Marks) for its own uses. 

cf. Deeds Registry, Bridgetown, Volume 337, folo 895 et seq. dated 22 July 1905

also Volume 106 of 'Powers' (of attorney folio 420 et seq.)

The Sale to Mr Yearwood  ( the gentleman responsible for the partial destruction of the graveyard) is recorded in the Deeds registry Vol 513, folio 294

Monday 22 April 2013

Historical Photos of the Graveyard, and other pictures

Cemetery B showing rubble removed from the graveyard.

More images of cemetery B. Most burials in this section had no tombstones.

Looking N over the restored graveyard A.

The graveyard A as it appeared in the 1950s.

Graveyard A, 1950's

Graveyard A,1950's. Most of the original tombstones are underground.
Same view c. 2003

More restoration photos and details from the Mercado Tomb