Monday 22 April 2013

Cemetery A restoration

Modern graves located directly on top of older graves.

re-cutting an inscription

original foundation uncovered

Unusual tombstone made of Bath Stone, highly unsuitable for an inscription. The lettering was re-cut.

early internet user......

another early technology adopter......

Possibly the oldest tombstone in the cemetery. Deborah Burgos.

Stones stacked up in layers - the 1950's rows of stones on display (in no relation to the actual grave sites). Stones still on their original foundations appearing in the excavation below.

Tombstones lie under the cemetery walls,which were built out over the cemetery after the 1831 hurricane.
This is the wall of the mikveh,which dates from the 1830's as well, as the wall is built out over the gravestones.

The mikveh was discovered approximately in the space between the parked cars. It was then in-filled, as the carpark was still in use at the time. This mikvah dates from after the 1831 reconstruction, as its outer wall is built on top of seventeenth century tombstones,which still lie on their foundations.

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