Monday 22 April 2013

Details of some stones and more general photos

rain and rain and more rain. The first year, it rained almost every day. The work was constantly ground to a halt, as my workers refused to work when it rained....and the ground turned into soup.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for the work of you and your colleagues. There are many of us out here trying to retrace our families linage and origins. Your work provides a huge stepping stone. My experience shows that over the last few years due to communication via the net there is a vast number of people searching this medium now and making connections which open doors previously closed. I have myself benefited in learning from your site about Mozeley Elkins my 3 x G.Grandfather and his daughter Belle Elkins. In the Cemetery that has been renovated I have now located my direct Ancestors that I know of so far The Lindo's and the Massiah's and Belinfante's. Thank you again so much