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Minutes January 28th 1844 - Opening a Sunday School

At a meeting held this day, 7th Sebat, 5604, or January 28th 1844, at the Mahamad room, K. K. N. I. pursuant to the call of Edward. A. Moses, P. P., at the request of the ladies of the Kaal, for the purpose of establishing a Jewish Sunday School; present as follows:

Edward A. Moses, P. P.; Messrs. Mosley Elkin, Moses C. D'Azevedo, Abraham Finsi, David N. Carvalho, Samuel E. Daniels, Solomon N. Carvalho, Jacob Lewis, Burnett Nathan;

Ladies.—Mrs. Sarah Lobo, Sen., Mrs. Daniel M. Lobo, Mrs. Sarah N. Carvalho, Mrs. Judith Finsi, Mrs. Sophia E. Daniels, Miss Carvalho, Miss Elkin, Miss Azevedo, Miss Rachel Carvalho, Miss Clara Carvalho, Miss Eliza Burnett, Miss Leah Lobo, Miss Sophia Carvalho;

Masters Elias and Benjamin Lindo, and eleven children of our K. K.

Mr. S. N. Carvalho was requested to act as Secretary.

The President opened the meeting with an appropriate address, explaining the object of its being assembled, &c. Mrs. Judith Finsi, the superintendent, then offered up to the Throne of Grace, a suitable prayer.

The minutes of the meeting held by the ladies of the congregation on last Sunday at Mrs. Finsi's residence, were then read.—The President rose, and in his usual comprehensive language, and feeling manner, expressed himself ready and willing to give every assistance and support to the ladies of the congregation in their blessed undertaking, the teaching the infant mind to praise God,—and proposed that the "minutes" just read, should be confirmed by the members of the Kaal Kadosh Nidhe Israel, seconded by M. C. D'Azevedo, Esq., and carried, nem. con.

The President then commenced an annual subscription, to which all the members present contributed. D. N. Carvalho, Esq., moved that a subscription independent of the annual and monthly subscriptions, be commenced for the purpose of creating the nucleus of a sinking fund, seconded by the President, and adopted. The President moved that notice be given by the Secretary, to all absent members of the K. K, of the establishment of this institution.

Mrs. J. Finsi requested that the President would kindly allow a copy of his address for the use of the society. Seconded by Mrs. D. M. Lobo,—which was assented to by the President.

The President voluntarily offered to to contribute such stationary as might be required for the use of the society.

Mrs. S. F. Daniels, proposed that the thanks of the society be tendered the President for this further mark of his well-meaning towards it, and also for the use of the Mahamad room, as a school-room, and for the handsome manner in which he consented that a copy of his address should be at their disposition,—and how gratifying it would be to her as secretary of the institution, to transcribe it,—on the first page of its archives,—seconded by Mrs. D. M. Lobo, and carried, nem. con.

Mrs. Finsi then read an exhortation which is intended should be pronounced weekly previous to commencement of instruction.—The President moved that a copy of these minutes be suspended in the Holy Synagogue for one month—seconded by S. E. Daniels, Esq. and carried.

David N. Carvalho, Esq., moved that the minutes of this meeting be transmitted to the Editors of the Jewish publications in America and England, to take such notice of as they may deem proper—seconded by the President, and carried, nem. con.

Miss Carvalho moved that the By-Laws be engrossed, and that the opening address and prayer be added, and published in pamphlet form, seconded Mrs. D. M. Lobo, and carried, nem. con.

The President moved that the institution be designated, שערי לימוד or "Gates of Learning," seconded by David N. Carvalho, Esq., and carried, nem. con.

Mrs. Judith Finsi moved that the thanks of the whole meeting be tendered to Miss Carvalho, as the promoter and foundress of this institution, and for her attention and solicitude in procuring the necessary books, &c.—Seconded by the President, and carried unanimously.

The meeting then adjourned to meet again in five minutes.

At the appointed time the meeting reassembled, when the minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

The chair was then vacated by the President, when S. E. Daniels, Esq. moved, seconded by D. N. Carvalho, that Mosley Elkin, Esq., be called to it. Whereupon M. Elkin, Esq., took the chair, and proposed that a vote of thanks be tendered E. A. Moses, Esq. for the able manner in which he fulfilled the duties of Chairman, seconded by M. C. D'Azevedo, Esq.,—carried.

E. A. Moses, P. P., in a short and suitable address acknowledged the honour that was done him in his having been placed in the Chair, and concluded by invoking the blessings of the Omnipotent on this glorious undertaking of the "Daughters of Israel."

S. N. Carvalho,
Hon. Secretary.

of the Barbadoes Jewish Sunday School,
Shangara Lemud, for the Present Year.

Mrs. Judith Finsi, Superintendent.
Mrs. Daniel M. Lobo, Treasurer.
Mrs. Sophia E. Daniels, Secretary.


Mrs. D. M. Lobo, First Class.
Miss Carvalho, Second Class.
Miss Clara Carvalho, Third Class.
Miss Belle Elkin, Fourth Class.

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