Saturday, 22 December 2007

Cemetery on Swan Street / James St / Whites Alley Block

There is another Jewish Cemetery on a small plot of land behind the shops on Swann Street. This is bounded by Whites Alley,James Street, and Swan Street and lies behind the old National Bank building. Part of this was built over in 2005,with a storehouse for shoes covering part of the graveyard. The cemetery is owned by a shopkeeper on swan street. Although the deeds for the property require the owner to preserve the site, he has not done so. Responsibility for this site still lies with London, and the Mahamad of Bevis Marks were duly informed of the matter.
Most of the burials are of the Pineiro/Pinheiro family. The picture at the bottom shows the roof of the shed, covering about 1/3 of the burial ground, and only a couple of tombstones are visible. The photos of the tombstones from this graveyard shown here were taken in the 1970's by Mary Gundy.

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