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Report on the Restoration 2000

Nidhe Israel Cemetery Restoration Project.

Project Manager: Evan P. Millner

London, UK.

Summer 2000

Preliminary Assessment and Proposed Works:

In the first instance, the possibilities below will need to be discussed with the Project management, in order to ascertain priorities.

1. A Survey of the work carried out last season, including assessment of wear and tear through exposure to the elements of newly excavated memorials and brickwork.

In particular, assessment will need to be made of relative strengths of ancient mortar that has been exposed.

Extra Costs: Nil

2. Standardising a systematic procedure for collecting and storing, and documenting artefacts uncovered during excavations and conservation work. Having an extra volunteer will enable a more systematic approach to this important aspect of the restoration project. Liase with the Barbados Museum and Kevin Farmer re recommended methods of notation, items that might be of particular importance to look out for etc. Re-cataloguing the material excavated last year will be necessary.

Extra Costs: Plastic Bags for storing artefacts, small plastic bins for storing artefacts, stationery, and possibly erection of shelving in the warehouse for storage of artefacts in a systematic and safe manner.

Priority Tasks


1. To carry out an assessment on the memorial of David Raphael Mercardo. To document the memorial fully in its present state, including comprehensive photographic documentation, and measurement.

2. To carry out a cost assessment for fully restoring the memorial.

3. To write up a work schedule for the restoration, submit it to the Restoration Project Committee or Mr Altman for approval, and then proceed with the restoration.


1. To continue with the excavations along the West side of the cemetery.

i. To assess costing for restoration and repair of exposed tomb foundations uncovered in these works.

ii. To work out a budget for these excavations, including

a. labour costs.

b. cost of earth removal.

2. To work out a system for transferring stones from the South end of the cemetery to the North end. Once such system is devised, to draw up a full budget for construction of said system.

i.. To transfer the stones off the concrete blocks on the South side is a reasonably urgent priority, as the stones are being damaged in their present situations. Moving them will free up the space below them for continued excavations of the oldest part of the cemetery, including the row of children's' tombs which at present lies beneath these stones.

ii. To work out a budget with Mr Leslie for the cost of fixing the individual stones to their new foundations on the North of the Cemetery.


1. Labour

2. Materials.

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