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Schedule of Works 2002 - 2003


Note: LCF is ‘low concrete foundation’

□ 23E build foundation

□ pinnacles on corners

□ mortar top and place small stone in mortar

□ 23F build foundation

□ pinnacles in corners

□ mortar top and place small stone in mortar.

□ 115 rebuild foundation.

□ 115 move upright stone 115 here and place in shoe ( the footing) and re-erect the headstone as I showed Alvin.

□ place 2 pinnacles at the foot of the foundation.

□ mortar the top of the foundation.

□ 116 repair the foundation.

□ fix granite footing in place.

□ place upright stone into footing.

□ place 2 pinnacles at the foot of the stone.

□ mortar the top of the stone.


□ excavate area

□ rebuild all foundations found.

□ note locations of any new graves found, and replace all stone swhere you find them.

□ 22D restore the foundation

□ 22E restore foundation

□ 22F place small broken square marble stone marked LYON here.

□ 22G place pinnacles at the corners.

□ 117 clean up and mortar the tops

□ 118 clean up and mortar the tops.

V 120 clear sides and build up with rubble walling to support the stone from the sides, and plaster over.


□ build foundation for 103 after excavating around it.

□ place stone on its foundation

□ build foundation for 104 after excavating around it.

□ place stone 104 onto its foundation.

□ locate and tidy foundation for 105

□ clean up the foundation for 107

□ clean stone of concrete

□ reset the broken pieces into lime mortar on top of the rebuilt foundation.

□ rebuild foundation 106

□ clean concrete off stone 106

□ place stone on a foundation.

□ rebuild the foundation that runs under part of the Steinbock grave. (21E)

□ 21F rebuild the foundation.

□ 21H place pinnacles on this foundation

□ 21 I tidy up the foundation and place pinnacles on it.

□ 21 J tidy up the foundation and place pinnacles on it.

□ 122 place the stone onto its foundation.

□ 121 drill out the holes in the stone.

Find stainless steel bars or rods to fit into the holes.

□ cement the marble base onto the granite plinth using the steel bars.

□ secure the granite plinth and secure it in place.

□ replace the tombstone.

□ 121 finish off concrete grave, and plaster and smooth it off so it looks like a loaf.

□ repair foundation 21M with rubble stone and lime mortar.

□ place pinnacles at the four corners.

□ finish off the wall and fill in the corner properly with earth.

□ place a concrete foundation over the new grave 21N


□ excavate area around stone 102

□ rebuild foundation

□ clean concrete off stone 102 carefully

□ place stone on foundation

□ excavate area between 102 and 131

□ rebuild any foundations found.

□ excavate area around 131

□ build foundation for 131

□ place 131 on its foundation

□ excavate area around stone 130

□ rebuild foundation 130

□ put pinnacles on the corners

□ place stone in the middle of the foundation, check it all fits before putting on the pinnacles.

□ excavate around stone 129

□ rebuild its foundation

□ place this stone using lime mortar, paper, etc.

□ prepare foundation for small new stone east of 129

□ mortar top of 128 and mortar in the stone so it is flush with the mortar.

□ place stone on 126

□ repair 124

v place pinnacles on the four corners of 124

□ mortar the top and replace the stone.

□ build wall marked in red in rubble stone, to contain the area near the magazine lace wall.


□ move stone 73 (black, in 3 pieces) south onto its correct foundation alongside the first box tomb in the row

□ move stone 94 into position, from its present place near the warehouse

□ 89 – plaster the brickwork

□ plaster the brickwork

□ build up and plaster the two small childs foundations south of 100 and 101

□ Build up foundation 86 using rubble stone, and tidy it up. Plaster the top. Then arrange the pieces that remain of this stone onto the foundation. The pieces of this stone are mostly in row sixteen at the moment.

□ move stone 134 onto foundation 134

□ finish off the top of foundation number 133 neatly

□ 132 place the box tomb onto its foundation using lime mortar

□ build three LCF’s between number 132 and the broken box tomb as shown in the plan

□ Add one LCF to the East of the broken box tomb as shown in the plan

□ 131 – build the foundation up using a concrete base and one course of bricks. Use the large box tomb side from number 65 in row 16 to make the side of this tomb, (only one side of this box tomb exists) and use bricks or concrete blocks to build the two missing end pieces. The other side against the magazine lane wall can be built using concrete blocks, as it will not be seen, as this foundation is hard up against the wall of the cemetery.

□ place stone 131 onto this foundation

□ re-build the rubble wall across the cemetery along the line of the old waterpipe.

□ make a foundation for 19P

□ place 19P onto its foundation

□ make a foundation for 19Q

□ place 19Q onto its foundation.


□ move stone 135 onto foundation 135 . Use paper and netting.

□ make 5 LCF child grave size to the East of number 135, and the Magazine lane wall.

□ repair foundation marked “18Z” on the plan

□ repair foundation marked 18Y

□ repair and rebuild foundation 18Q

□ build a LCF for 18 R

□ build a LCF for 18S


□ move stone 62 from its present location in row 16, onto its correct foundation in this row.

□ 17F build a LCF here

□ 17G build a LCF here

□ 17H build a LCF here

□ 17P restore the foundation

□ 17 Q restore the foundation

□ 17R restore the foundation

□ 17S build a LCF

□ 17T build a LCF

□ 17U build a LCF


□ 54a build a LCF

□ 54b build a LCF

□ 16L build a LCF

□ 16M build a LCF

□ 16N build LCF

□ 16O build LCF

□ 16R rebuild this foundation

□ 16S rebuild this foundation

□ C34 build foundation and place a small grave marker here

□ 16V build LCF

□ 16W build LCF

□ 16X build LCF

□ repair foundation 60

□ move box tomb side from number 65, and move stone 65 here from its location near the warehouse. Stone 65 has a broken corner and is black slate. It is in bad condition.


□ tidy up foundation 50

□ build up foundation 138 and place stone 138 here

□ build a foundation for 139

□ replace stone 139 onto its foundation

□ build a foundation for childs stone B1

□ place stone B1 onto the foundation, directly onto the lime mortar, and use no netting


□ move stone R3 onto foundation R3 as marked in plan

□ 14I repair foundation

□ 14J repair foundation


□ tidy up number 37

□ tidy up number 38

□ tidy up number 39

□ tidy up number 40

□ tidy up number 41

□ move stone marked C2 onto the foundation marked C2 on the plan (next to 148)

□ tidy up stone 148

□ rebuild foundation 146 and extend to fit the stone. Preserve the existing foundation as it is as it runs alongside the new grave.

□ place stone 146 on foundation 146

□ rebuild foundation 147

□ place stone 147 on its foundation

□ rebuild foundation 145

□ place stone 145 on its foundation

□ build foundation 144

□ place stone 144 on its foundation

□ rebuild foundation 143

□ place stone 143 on its foundation

□ rebuild foundation 142

□ build foundation S18

□ place stone S18

□ build foundation S19

□ place stone S19

□ build foundation S20

□ place stone S20

□ build foundation C19

□ place stone C19

□ build foundation S21

□ place foundation S21


□ tidy up number 5 and mortar in the edges at an angle all around the broken edges

□ tidy up number 7

□ fill the box tomb, and move number 8 here

□ 153, tidy up mortar and whitewash

□ 154 line up the edge of this stone ( it is only a split stone half is missing) with the edge of the foundation

□ 155 move the stone onto the foundation

□ 156 excavate

□ 156 construct foundation

□ 156 place stone on foundation

□ 157 excavate

□ 157 construct foundation

□ 157 place stone onto foundation

□ C27 rebuild the foundation

□ place small marker stone onto this foundation

□ build LCF 12L

□ build LCF 12M

□ build LCF 12N

□ build foundation for C35

□ place the fragments of stone C35 onto this foundation, try to arrange them, but do not mortar them in place, just position them into the top of the foundation.


□ move fragments off 17 and 18 and onto foundation 14F, which is in row 14

□ move stone 17 onto its foundation

□ move stone 18 onto its foundation

□ build C31 foundation

□ place stone C31

□ build C28 foundation

□ place stone C28

□ build 172 foundation

□ place stone 172

□ build 174 foundation

□ place stone 174

□ build C18 foundation

□ place stone C18

□ build C20 foundation

□ place stone C20

□ build S17 foundation

□ place stone S17

□ excavate areas of stones 165 to 158 ( two weeks work)

□ build foundation 165

□ place stone 165

□ build foundation 163

□ place stone 163

□ build foundation 162

□ place stone 162

□ build foundation 161

□ place stone 161

□ build foundation 160

□ place stone 160

□ build stone 159

□ place stone 159

□ build foundation 158

□ place stone 158


ٱ repair foundation number 28

ٱ cast box tomb ends for 28, from new stone piece marked ‘cast’

ٱ construct box tomb for number 28

ٱbuild up corner of 10D with lime mortar and wrap in plastic food wrap to let dry very slowly.

ٱ excavate area between 28 and 36

ٱbuild foundation for 164

ٱ build foundation for 29

ٱ build foundation for 30

ٱ build foundation for 31

ٱ build foundation for 32

ٱ build foundation for 33

ٱ build foundation for 34

ٱ build foundation for 35

ٱ build foundation for 36

ٱ place 164 on a low box tomb (same type as number 28’s)

ٱ place 29 on foundation

ٱ place 30 on foundation

ٱ place 31 on foundation

ٱ place 32 on box tomb

ٱ place 33 on foundation

ٱ place 34 on foundation

ٱ place 35 on foundation

ٱ place 36 on foundation

ٱ 10Q prepare foundation

ٱ place stone 10Q

ٱ 10S, prepare foundation

ٱ place stone 10S

ٱ prepare foundation for s15

ٱ place stone S15


ٱ 9B mortar sides and cracks, build up foundation and mortar in the missing corner.

ٱ 9A place a board alongside to hold mortar in place until it dries, and mortar in securely the pieces of this child’s stone.

ٱ 176 mortar in the sides and the cracks

ٱ 175 mortar in the sides and cracks in the stone.

ٱ 9D red sandstone. Build a foundation of concrete where it is between the two memorials, about 1 foot above ground level, so it sits between the two graves.

ٱ place stone on this foundation.

ٱ 169 repair the foundation.

ٱ 168 (by wall) repair the foundation – move the stone to do this.

ٱ replace the stone on its foundation.

ٱ build up foundations alongside wall.


ٱ mortar in the underside of the Mercardo stone, (the one on the balls). To do this, just build a mortar wall underneath the stone, to stop the earth getting washed out. Keep the wall under the stone, about 8 inches in from the edge. Make a wall underneath at the sides as well, also 8 inches in from the edge.

ٱ build foundation 191

ٱ build foundation 192

ٱ move 192 into place

ٱ move 197 into place.


ٱ build small foundation for 208 (stone 208 seems to be missing)

ٱ build small foundation for 209 (stone 209 seems to be missing)

ٱ build foundation for 210

ٱ place stone 210

ٱ build foundation for 211

ٱ place stone 211

ٱ place small stone ‘abarbanel’ alongside wall, onto its foundation (this foundation was almost completed already).


ٱ repair foundation 225

ٱ place stone 225

ٱ repair foundation 224

ٱ place stone 224

ٱ repair foundation 223

ٱ place stone 223

ٱ repair foundation 222

ٱ place stone 222

ٱ repair foundation 221

ٱ place stone 221

ٱ repair foundation 220

ٱ place stone 220

ٱ repair foundation 219

ٱ place stone 219

ٱ repair foundation 218

ٱ place stone 218

ٱ repair foundation 217

ٱ places tone 217

ٱ repair foundation 216

ٱ place stone 216

ٱ repair foundation 215

ٱ place stone 215

ٱ reapair foundation 214

ٱ place stone 214

ٱ repair foundation 213

ٱ place stone 213

ٱ repair foundation 212

ٱ place stone 212

ٱ repair foundation 211

ٱ place stone 211


ٱ make foundation 5D

ٱ place stone (thin slate as marked) on 5D

ٱ prepare foundation 5E

ٱ place stone 5E (in its present location it is in the correct place)

ٱ prepare foundation 230

ٱ place stone number 230

ٱ prepare foundation 231

ٱ place stone number 231

ٱ prepare foundation 232

ٱ place stone number 232

ٱ prepare foundation 233

ٱ place stone number 233

ٱ prepare foundation 234

ٱ place stone number 234

ٱ prepare foundation 235

ٱ place stone number 235

ٱ prepare foundation 236

ٱ place stone number 236

ٱ prepare foundation 237

ٱ place stone number 237

ٱ prepare foundation 238

ٱ place stone number 238

ٱ prepare foundation 239

ٱ place stone number 239

ٱ prepare foundation 240

ٱ place stone number 240

ٱ prepare foundation 241

ٱ place stone number 241

ٱ prepare foundation 242

ٱ place stone number 242

ٱ prepare foundation 243

ٱ place stone number 243

ٱ prepare foundation S1

ٱ place stone number S1

ٱ prepare foundation S2

ٱ place stone number S2

ٱ prepare foundation S3

ٱ place stone number S3


(Childrens row)

ٱ prepare foundation C26

ٱ place stone number C26

ٱ prepare foundation C10

ٱ place stone number C10

ٱ prepare foundation C11

ٱ place stone number C11

ٱ prepare foundation C12

ٱ place stone number C12

ٱ prepare foundation C13

ٱ place stone number C13

ٱ prepare foundation C14

ٱ place stone number C14

ٱ prepare foundation C15

ٱ place stone number C15

ٱ prepare foundation C21

ٱ place stone number C21

ٱ prepare foundation C30

ٱ place stone number C30

ٱ prepare foundation C29

ٱ place stone number C29

ٱ prepare foundation S12

ٱ place stone number S12

ٱ prepare foundation S13

ٱ place stone number S13

ٱ prepare foundation S14

ٱ place stone number S14


ٱ prepare foundation C33

ٱ place stone number C33

ٱ prepare foundation 244

ٱ place stone number 244

ٱ prepare foundation245

ٱ place stone number 245

ٱ prepare foundation 246

ٱ place stone number 246

ٱ prepare foundation 247

ٱ place stone number 247

ٱ prepare foundation 248

ٱ place stone number 248

ٱ prepare foundation 249

ٱ place stone number 249

ٱ prepare foundation C36

ٱ place stone number C36

ٱ prepare foundation 250

ٱ place stone number250

ٱ prepare foundation 251

ٱ place stone number 251

ٱ prepare foundation 252

ٱ place stone number 252

ٱ prepare foundation 254

ٱ place stone number 254


ٱ prepare foundation S8

ٱ place stone number S8

ٱ prepare foundation S6

ٱ place stone number S6

ٱ prepare foundation C3

ٱ place stone number C3

ٱ prepare foundation C4

ٱ place stone number C4

ٱ prepare foundation S4

ٱ place stone number S4

ٱ prepare foundation S5

ٱ place stone number S5

ٱ prepare foundation C6

ٱ place stone number C6

ٱ prepare foundation C7

ٱ place stone number C7

ٱ prepare foundation C8

ٱ place stone number C8

ٱ prepare foundation C9

ٱ place stone number C9

ٱ prepare foundation F

ٱ place stone number F

ٱ prepare foundation C24

ٱ place stone number C24

ٱ prepare foundation C25

ٱ place stone number C25


ٱ prepare foundation S7

ٱ place stone number S7

ٱ prepare foundation S9

ٱ place stone number S9

ٱ prepare foundation S10

ٱ place stone number S10

ٱ prepare foundation C5

ٱ place stone number C5

ٱ prepare foundation S11

ٱ place stone number S11

ٱ prepare foundation C16

ٱ place stone number C16

ٱ prepare foundation C17

ٱ place stone number C17

ٱ prepare foundation C22

ٱ place stone number C22

ٱ prepare foundation C23

ٱ place stone number C23

ٱ prepare foundation F

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