Saturday, 22 December 2007

Old Synagogue Entrance

These buildings are on the corner of James Street and Synagogue Lane. They previously belonged to the Congregation, and are an important record of the original apearance of the synagogue, as they are constructed in the same style.
Note the rounded hurricane proof cornering, which is also a unique feature of the synagogue. The buildings are presently used (2005) as workshops, which is what they were built as. The original entrance to the synagogue was in front of the pile of trash, in the corner of the building.(behind the ivy). An elbow-shaped footpath lead up to the synagogue, hiding the building from the view of passers by in the street. Indeed, the synagogue was so far from any street, that those praying inside would not have been able to be heard from the street. This old entranceway is now effectively a public lavatory, and rubbish accumulates anew every day, as this entrance is no longer used. The constant urinating here makes maintenance of the iron gates very difficult, due to the corrosive effects. When the synagogue was sold, a vehicle entrance was made on Synagogue Lane, which passes over the cemetery.

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