Sunday, 23 December 2007

Re-organisation of the Cemetery Records after 2005

Shilstone's method for numbering the graves is highly unsatisfactory. Once the cemetery had been restored, the pattern of burials in neat rows became very clear. A new system has been devised for locating tombstones in the cemetery: Row One is the oldest row, and commences alongside the warehouse. Only a few graves in this row have tombstones, there is much open ground, and it must be assumed that this space is taken up with burials, as it was not used later, indeed, the community purchased new land to the north of the original cemetery site, (towards the Carnegie library).

The following posts will list the new numbering, commencing with Row One. Numbering starts on the Synagogue Side of the Main cemetery, and the first Row abuts the New Museum. Each reference has in square brackets the accompanying number from Shilstone, where such a Shilstone number exists.

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